Bryan Sentiere is a video content creator and visual storyteller with 10 years experience producing, shooting, and editing videos. He's passionate about telling a company's story and translating the values of the brand into compelling, engaging, and cinematic films. His career is marked by finding the human aspect of a story and connecting with the viewer on a lasting and emotional level. He has a proven ability to produce high quality content with minimal resources and under accelerated timelines. With a high level understanding of the concepts behind creative work, he's able to strategically achieve client and business goals. 

Too much of his emotional well-being is tied to 18-22 year-olds putting a ball through a hoop in Bloomington, Indiana. In 2007 he "stomped the yard" before an awestruck multinational audience. This was his life's denouement.

Connect with him: / 812.322.3744